Local December 22, 2020 | 1:43 pm

Presenting INICIA Collection: Most extensive editorial collection highlighting best of Dominican culture

Santo Domingo, December 21, 2020 – As part of its commitment to exalt culture and Dominicanness, INICIA presented the “INICIA Collection,” a virtual library that will include its editorial collection, a compendium of nine books that showcase the diversity and best of Dominican culture.

The books collected in the INICIA Collection, which transcend time and space, will now be available to the world through a web portal (www.coleccioninicia.com) and social networks. They can also be downloaded from Apple’s iBook and Amazon’s Kindle, where those hungry to know the wonders of the Dominican Republic can access them for free.

Mr. Felipe Vicini, Executive President of INICIA, highlighted the collection’s value that for almost a decade was reserved for those close to the organization. Now the firm democratizes for the enjoyment of all Dominicans and those passionate about art and culture.
“These publications have been a solid contribution to cultural development and a stimulus to the investigation of our valuable and rich history, with folklore, gastronomy, and architecture, and our cultural treasure from Taino art, we bring back to the memories the enjoyment of the essential traditions and customs that are part of a cultural past that substantiate and give meaning to what we call the Dominican Republic,” said Felipe Vicini.

“With these publications, we have encouraged the interest of specialists in deepening the study of aspects of our heritage legacy that were previously unpublished in the field of Dominican culture,” added Vicini.

Unique in its class, the INICIA Collection includes maps, unpublished high impact images, aerial, terrestrial and underwater, in addition to technical-scientific information that has been compiled and processed into easy-to-read texts that are now available free of charge to everyone.

This virtual library shows a vast natural and cultural heritage, including our fauna, flora, endemic species, seas, gastronomy, architecture, history, among others, constituting an invaluable legacy of what we are to project to the world.

The portal will allow the dissemination of this collection that brings together the work of dozens of prominent professionals who for months were dedicated to collecting visually and in writing on the subject, capturing in beautiful volumes the result of their experiences and vision.

From December 21, an exhibition with the most emblematic contents of the volumes will be available to the public at the Museum of the Royal Houses throughout December and January, for the enjoyment of all Dominicans and tourists visiting the country. Thanks go to the Ministry of Culture’s support and collaboration and its Museums Directorate for this exhibition.

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