Local January 27, 2021 | 7:37 am

Dominican Republic Odebrecht trial: wire transfer pay-offs

María Álvarez de Maio

Santo Domingo.- Prosecution witness María del Carmen Álvarez de Maio yesterday included a group of financial and corporate reports of companies in the Odebrecht bribes trial that, according to the Justice Ministry, were used by the accused Ángel Rondón to receive the money transfers and carry out the pay-offs.

Álvarez de Maio, who is a criminal investigations analyst for the Justice Ministry, on the stand said she was responsible for preparing 12 reports on the companies Lashan Corp, Consultores y Contractors Conamsa, Díaz Rúa y Asociados, Indoquipesa, Hacienda Los Ángeles and others.

However, the evidence incorporated into the trial yesterday was some related only to the companies Conamsa, Lashan and Hacienda Los Ángeles, supposedly owned by Ángel Rondón.

The 3-judge panel court recessed until 9am Thurs.

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