Local March 10, 2021 | 3:11 pm

National Police recognize 35 women from their institution

Recognition to General Teresa Martínez Hernández, PN deputy general director.

SANTO DOMINGO – In the framework of International Women’s Day, the National Police, through the Association of Officers’ Wives of this institution (Aseopna), recognized 35 policewomen who stand out for their dedication to the country from the different sections of law enforcement.

During the activity headed by the general director of the police, Major General Edward Sánchez González; his wife and president of Aseopna, Ana Margarita de Sánchez; and the deputy director, General Teresa Martínez Hernández, the conference “Mujer Virtuosa” was given by Pastor Australia Pichardo.

The motivational words were spoken by the Dominican archeologist Kathleen Martínez. In contrast, the head of the Specialized Directorate of Attention to Women and Domestic Violence, Colonel Celeste Yanet Jiménez Cabral, was given the opening speech.

The awards began with the presentation of statuettes by Major General Sanchez Gonzalez to General Martinez Hernandez and Colonels Yanet Cabral and Amarilys Sanquintin Romero, Director of the Administrative and Financial Directorate of the institution.

The most emotional moment was when the president of Aseopna, Ana Margarita de Sánchez, was surprised by her husband, Major General Sánchez. The latter, together with the members of the association, presented her with a statuette.

The senior officer thanked his beloved wife for her support and dedication to dignify his police brothers and sisters’ lives and took the opportunity to highlight the importance of the presence of women in the police ranks. He also presented Lieutenant Colonel Rebeca Martínez with special recognition for her more than 28 years of work as a chief cook at the police academy.

The president of Aseopna, through the exclamation of a poem, motivated the women to raise their esteem and trust in the talents that God has given to each one of them.

The activity, held at the Officer’s Club of our National Police, included the harmonization of the orchestra San Judas Tadeo, and the presentation of the outstanding güirera of “Las Chicas del Can,” Teresa Dominguez, better known as “Juana la Cubana,” as well as raffles and lunch.

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