Local May 3, 2021 | 1:33 pm

Pro Consumidor asks businesses not to expose plastic water bottles to the sun due to a health hazard

The National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) called on businesses that sell water packaged in plastic bottles not to expose this product to the sun because of the damage it causes to consumers’ health.

The administrative deputy director of Pro Consumidor, María Teresa Paulino, pointed out that suppliers must take the necessary measures to prevent plastic bottles containing water for human consumption from being exposed to the sun’s rays because investigations carried out in different countries have revealed that when these containers receive sudden temperature changes, they release chemical components that are harmful to health.

“Both water, juices and other liquids packaged in plastic bottles that are exposed to heat, could release chemicals, such as antimony and other chemicals that cause catastrophic diseases, explained Paulino.

The official reported that Pro Consumidor has carried out inspections of trades and complaints, verifying this bad practice in supermarkets, grocery stores, and other businesses located in different countries.

He said that this issue is essential for the Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights since health is a fundamental right both in the Constitution and in Law 358-05 that creates this entity.

” From now on we are going to demand that both the transport companies of these products and the sellers take the necessary and corrective measures in order to discontinue this commercial practice that harms consumers,” he said.

The deputy director María Teresa Paulino announced that Pro Consumidor would execute a program of good practices to be incorporated in the businesses and companies that distribute and commercialize water and other products packaged in plastic bottles, which will include the measures to be taken about the care and protection of the sale of them.

He stated that the entity would remain vigilant, inspect the businesses to apply these actions, and give them the proper treatment and care of these bottled products. In case of finding irregularities, they will use the sanctions of the place.

“We will not continue to allow the bottles and small bottles of water to be placed in the displays outdoors, fully exposed to the sun,” added Dr. Paulino.

With this initiative, “we will prevent people who consume these products from getting sick.”

In that order, he urged people to make intelligent consumption choices and avoid buying these products when sold under these circumstances.

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