Local May 6, 2021 | 3:06 pm

A group of community members held a vigil demanding better quality of health

A group of community organizations held a peaceful vigil yesterday in front of the Unap Campo Lindo 1 de la Caleta, demanding the improvement of essential services.

The Block of community organizations and the Health Committee of Campo Lindo 1 appealed to the Minister of Health; they say it is difficult to see how violated the right to health is in the area, so they ask for the quick intervention of the authorities.

“We demand the addition of more doctors, this place is frequented by many anti-social people because it is a strategic geographical center, with little police surveillance, there is no security assigned so the staff feels frightened and can not perform their work with peace of mind, we need the helping hand of MISPAS assigning more doctors in various specialties, we demand that they comply with providing quality health, this involves medicines, supplies, and security for the center,” said the community.

These area leaders have been fighting for years for their localities and hope that the government of President Luis Abinader will finally be the one to help them.

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