Health May 10, 2021 | 3:14 pm

Santiagueros crowded expanded vaccination centers against covid-19

SANTIAGO.- With a massive attendance of citizens, the provincial direction of the Ministry of Public Health began this Monday, the vaccination day against Covid-19, in its third stage that includes all people over 18 years of age.

Virgilio Gutiérrez, provincial director of Public Health, reported that 77 fixed vaccination posts for the first dose of Sinovac against the coronavirus were installed in this province. That Santiago residents widely supported it.

“In addition to the doses against Covid-19 that we are administering to citizens, we are carrying out the PCR and antigen tests totally free,” Gutiérrez stressed.

He specified that following instruction from President Luis Abinader, Vice President Raquel Peña, and Health Minister Dr. Daniel Rivera, several fixed points were added to vaccinate Dominicans against the virus, such as social clubs,
companies and private health centers.

When detailing the points where citizens can go to get vaccinated from 9:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon, he mentioned the PUCMM collection center, José María Cabral and Báez regional hospitals, children’s doctor Arturo Grullón, Estrella Ureña, Instituto Oncológico del Cibao, Unión Médica del Norte, UTESA, Materno Infantil, HOMS, HEMMI and the municipal hospitals of Villa González, Licey al Medio, Tamboril, Navarrete, San José de las Matas, Jánico and Sabana Iglesia.

Other vaccination centers are the clubs of Villa Olga, Hermanos Patiño of the South Zone, club Noel, Mambuiche, a club of the municipality of Puñal, La Canela, Hato del Yaque, the Gran Teatro del Cibao, as well as the sub-centers of primary care located in different urban and rural sectors of Santiago.

“We are grateful for the great support that the police and military authorities, private companies and many neighborhood associations, as well as social and cultural clubs, have offered us for this event,” said Dr. Virgilio Gutiérrez.

He said that vaccination would be carried out even on weekends and holidays.

Leonel Gutiérrez, president of the Villa Olga urbanization club, praised the work that the Public Health authorities have been doing to complete the vaccination of Dominicans and the first and second doses against Covid-19.

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