Health May 24, 2021 | 3:32 pm

150 beds available to care for COVID patients at Ciudad Sanitaria

Santo Domingo, DR

Faced with the increase in Covid-19 cases, the National Health Service (SNS) had 150 new beds added in la Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar.

The information was offered by Dr. Mario Lamar, director of the SNS, who explained that 46 of these beds are for patients in critical condition.

“At this time in Ciudad Sanitaria, care will be guaranteed with 150 beds available at the moment,” said Lama, adding that intermediate care beds can be converted to Intensive Care at any time. 

The director of the SNS assured that the public health network could respond, even though the Marcelino Vélez, Moscoso Puello, and Félix María Goico hospitals are operating 100 percent. 

Lama recalled that they are a network of services of about 200 hospitals, and those dozens are to be used for Covid patients; if one is full, the transfer will be made to another available.

He said that the country had been placed among the first in Latin America with the highest number of vaccinated people; however, he called on the population to be vaccinated since the vaccine is safe and effective.

He expressed that we must encourage all citizens to go to the vaccination centers in the morning and afternoon.

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