Health May 24, 2021 | 3:05 pm

There are no more Covid beds in the hospitals of the Capital City.

The hospitals of Greater Santo Domingo, are noted congested with Covid cases.

Santo Domingo, DR

According to official monitoring released yesterday afternoon by the National Health Service, five of the seven Covid-19 health centers in the Public Health Network of Greater Santo Domingo had zero beds available for the hospitalization of patients with Covid-19 yesterday, according to official monitoring released yesterday afternoon by the National Health Service (SNS).

The highly demanded hospitals Francisco Mocoso Puello, Félix María Goico, Santo Socorro, Marcelino Vélez Santana and Rodolfo de la Cruz Lora are without any availability of beds for both intermediate care and Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Meanwhile, at Cecanot, where only one unit for patients in critical conditions operates, the availability of beds was only 33% of its capacity. In contrast, at Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar yesterday afternoon, only 41% of its intensive care capacity was available.

The data is contained in the hospital availability monitoring of the Covid network of the National Health Service (SNS), which provides details of the occupation of hospital beds in different provinces.

A similar situation of saturation is also reported by the leading private health centers where spaces have been set up to attend patients with the virus, among them the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud, which for several weeks has been at 100% occupancy of the 44 beds it has available.

Meanwhile, the demand of patients with symptoms of the virus who come to the health centers searching for medical attention, many of them in complicated conditions, is growing.

In Santiago, the two Covid hospitals are the José María Cabral y Báez and the Presidente Estrella Ureña. The former had 71% of its regular beds available yesterday for Covid-19 and 50% of its ICU beds, while the latter had only 29% of its intermediate beds and 20% of its Intensive Care beds.

In Duarte province, most of the beds are available at 100%, and only the Guiza Care and Intensive Care Center were occupied, with 75% of its regular beds and 56% of its ICU beds available.

In La Vega, the Luis Morillo King hospital has 73% of its regular beds and 44% of its ICU beds. In Puerto Plata, only the Imbert center was 100% full; the others had a high availability of beds.

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