Local May 29, 2021 | 11:00 am

CONATRA: drivers and passengers will only be accepted if they are vaccinated against the virus

It will be necessary to be vaccinated to get on the bus.

Santo Domingo, DR

The bus drivers of the National Confederation of Transport (CONATRA) and the entity’s personnel who have contact with the citizens who are not vaccinated before 10 June will be suspended until they present certification of immunization against Covid-19 to its president Antonio Marte.

The senator of the province, Santiago Rodriguez, indicated that the disposition was taken to avoid the contagions of coronavirus in the operation of the routes. “I am going to cooperate with the concern of the country, because the levels of contagion cannot go on like this,” expressed Marte.

He pointed out that passengers must present their vaccination card indicating that they are inoculated to enter the buses; otherwise, they will not travel to the different provinces.

Also passengers
“From the 10th of June we are going to ask passengers to show their card to board the buses or the drivers will not be able to drive them,” expressed the senator.

He warned that people who are not vaccinated would be sent home without pay, and when they have their immunization doses, they will be able to return to work.

“When they are vaccinated they will return, because there are many who say they are not going to be vaccinated, so we will send them home,” said Marte.

“Let it be a violation, but let them do whatever they want, because this cannot go on like this, I am going to cooperate with the concern of the country,” said the Conatra leader.

However, he added that only 20% of the union’s personnel have yet to be vaccinated.

The National Transportation Confederation (Conatra) has 153,000 employees, of which only 20 percent remain to be inoculated.

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