Local June 3, 2021 | 7:27 am

Public entities and supermarkets apply controls against resurgence of Covid

Institutions ask their collaborators to get vaccinated.

Santo Domingo, DR

Some public institutions and supermarkets have strengthened preventive measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus after the outbreak that has been registered in Greater Santo Domingo. In the Juan Pablo Duarte Government Office building, teleworking has already been implemented in some areas. Employees attend the institution intermittently, establishing specific days for them to come to work.

Also, those over 60 years of age were excluded from work presence to avoid their exposure. Similarly, they authorized pregnant women to work from home.

Every week, specifically on Saturdays, they carry out a day of disinfection and fumigation of surfaces to maintain hygiene, said Miguel Contreras, in charge of general services of the offices.

Although shopping centers have not stopped applying prevention measures within their facilities, they continue to strengthen them, persuading their employees to get vaccinated against the virus.

Camilo Beltré, from the administrative area of ​​the La Sirena supermarket, on José Contreras Street, said that at the main headquarters on Winston Churchill Avenue, there is a vaccination center for employees who wish to be immunized.

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