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New measures force closure of some bars in the Colonial City

Santo Domingo, DR.

History repeats itself. Bars and restaurants in Colonial City have had only two options: reinvent themselves or close until new measures allow them to receive more clients, and already about 10 of them have opted for the latter.

However, for these businesses, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is very close as long as people understand that their decision not to get vaccinated affects the economy and the workers of these establishments that are the livelihood of their families and that now are not producing because, once again, they closed their doors.

According to the president of the Association of Bars and Restaurants of the Colonial City, Grace Heyaime, the businesses of this sector that had to stay out of the arena for this week understand that the new curfew schedule “is not feasible” because until June 9 they will only be able to sell alcoholic drinks until 3:00 in the afternoon.

When consulted by Listín Diario, Heyaime explained that those operating have had to reinvent themselves by starting to offer again breakfasts and the famous “brunches,” and at 3:00 in the afternoon, they suspend the sale of alcohol and continue until 6:00 in the afternoon offering only food.

These businesses have requested from the Ministry of Labor that they be included until July in the Assistance Fund for Workers in the Tourism Sector so that the closed bars and restaurants can receive relief for their workers.

These businesses, according to Heyaime, were operating at 60% of their capacity. Still, now they will have to reduce it to 50%, although he clarifies that not even that amount of clients are arriving at the bars and restaurants of the Colonial City given the new curfew.

“That’s what is happening because right now people don’t have time. They leave work at 5:00 in the afternoon and at 3:00 they stop selling alcohol and at 6:00 we close,” comments Heyaime.

The hope that these businesses have is that this schedule lasts only until June 9.

The bars and restaurants of the Colonial Zone wish to collaborate with the Dominican Government, so on May 14, they carried out a vaccination day to apply the first dose to the owners and employees, and in a few weeks, they will apply the second dose at the post of the Mayor’s Office of the National District.

Therefore, they understand the decision of the new curfew schedule and have kept encouraging their followers on social networks to get vaccinated because this is a health situation “and we understand it perfectly.”

Before the new restrictions, some bars and restaurants in the Colonial City motivated their clients to get vaccinated with discounts, offers, and welcome cocktail drinks when presenting their vaccination card after the three regulatory days to be able to drink alcohol, a measure that they paused until more clients could come to their businesses, recognizing that now the most crucial thing is citizen security.

One of the proposals that this sector is making to the Government, according to Heyaime, is that only those who are vaccinated should be allowed access to these businesses, an idea that they have expressed that they cannot impose.

Current schedule

These new restrictions have found support from Congress and the business sector due to the country’s indiscipline and non-compliance.

March 2020
From that date, the country began to feel the onslaught of the Covid-2019 coronavirus pandemic detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

The country suffered two waves of infection throughout the year that affected the economy, especially tourism activity.

The application of Sinovac vaccines, aids, and monetary measures allowed the economy to recover by 47.1% in April this year.

The country is facing a third wave of infections that are being confronted with a comprehensive vaccination process.

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