Local June 12, 2021 | 7:16 am

Low incidence of Covid in tourism sector stands out

Abinader and Collado led the ribbon cutting ceremony. EXTERNA

Santo Domingo, DR

The tourist poles reflect the lowest positivity rate of Covid-19 in the country, below 0.40 percent, so it does not represent any threat to the health of Dominicans or visitors.

This reality was exposed by President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado when inaugurating in San Cristóbal the road reconstruction of the Duarte-Kilómetro 58 road section which connects with the Natturi Crossing of that municipality.

The work was executed with an investment of approximately RD$135 million and is expected to have a direct impact on the ecotourism development of the area.

In showing the low levels of positivity of Covid in tourist enclaves and airports, President Abinader highlighted the positive, direct, and indirect impact that the tourism industry has on the economy and people.

“What does it mean when tourists come to the country?” the president asked and immediately answered: “It means jobs, it means cab drivers working, agricultural producers selling to hotels. That is what tourism means in all its value chain,” he pointed out. The President is confident that when the pandemic is over, the country will have a stronger tourism sector, “to continue creating jobs.”

“That is what we are doing and we will continue to do, because that is the right thing to do,” he said.

While Minister Collado affirmed that tourism does not represent any health risk in the country.

He said that positivity at airports is at 0.39, as are the random tests performed on tourists when they arrive in the country.

“North American tourists, who represent 80% of the tourists who are arriving in the country, when they leave they are given a mandatory PCR test in the hotels and there the positivity is 0.30%,” said the official.

He affirmed that the tourist enclaves do not represent any risk for the health of Dominicans, in addition to the strict protocol applied in each hotel center.

Collado affirmed that the tourist enclaves do not represent any health risk, due to the protocol in each hotel center to guarantee the health and well-being of visitors and employees. “Do not be misled. Under no circumstances does tourism represent any risk to the health of Dominicans,” he added.

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