Health June 23, 2021 | 4:33 pm

At least 10 children admitted for coronavirus in children’s hospital

One of the 10 is in the intensive care unit.

Santo Domingo, DR

According to the director of the medical center, Clemente Terrero, about 10 children are admitted to the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital for coronavirus.

He also indicated that one of the 10 is in the intensive care unit of the children’s hospital.

“Nine of the children are in a common room in stable conditions and there is one in intensive care,” Terrero said on Wednesday.

This is a 12-year-old adolescent who, despite being negative for the coronavirus, is still hospitalized due to the damage caused by the virus.

“She is negative for the virus and we are evaluating the possibility of taking her to the multipurpose intensive care room,” the director said while explaining that she is still in the ICU due to the deterioration of the virus in her lungs.

The specialist affirmed that there had been deaths in the hospital due to the disease; however, he did not specify the figure.

Similarly, he maintained that this year the fatality rate has been “much lower.”

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