Local August 28, 2021 | 7:40 am

Haitians went yesterday en masse and without masks to border markets

In the Perdernales market, the health protocol against Covid was not complied with.

Pedernales, DR

Even under the implementation of a large military deployment and the existence of sanitary protocols established by Public Health, hundreds of Haitians entered Pedernales yesterday ignoring the use of masks, developing without minor problems the commercial exchange with Dominicans.

No physical distancing was exercised during the various trade operations. On the contrary, Listin Diario photo reporters captured alarming images of Haitians without masks in the area. The situation constitutes a health risk for the country now that Haiti has registered an escalation of contagions and deaths due to Covid-19.

In Dajabón Meanwhile, through this border crossing, hundreds of Haitians entered yesterday for commercial exchange and to buy products that are still scarce in their country. Others tried to circumvent the military cordon to stay here illegally, but the military prevented them.

Soldiers kept a watchful eye on Haitian buyers and sellers to ensure that they only stayed overnight in those areas established by the authorities for commercial exchange.

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