Health September 9, 2021 | 5:03 pm

Santiago residents urged to get Covid vaccination

Public Health officials warned that Santiago is one of the provinces that remains below 60 percent of its inhabitants with the second dose.

Santiago, DR

The Public Health authorities in Santiago made an emotional appeal to those who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 to do so at once since they see no reason for the apathy shown by some citizens to be inoculated.

They also explained that they have fixed points in the province to conduct tests and antigens to detect the new variants of the coronavirus.

The fixed points for these tests are located in the Gran Teatro del Cibao, El Huacalito, La Gobernación, the Corporación del Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Santiago (Coraasan), Hospital de Tamboril and Liceo Eugenio de Jesús Marcano.

The different Provincial Health Directorates, led by the provincial general director, Virgilio Gutiérrez, Carolina Núñez, Mirna López, and Adalberto Peña, are committed to ensuring that the population continues to observe the protection and protocol against the virus.

They asked the people who have not been vaccinated to go to the centers to comply with this process because, in doing this, they protect themselves and consider the welfare of others.

Likewise, the provincial directorate emphasized the need for the student population to remain alert before the call to start classes this month, both at universities, private colleges, and schools.

For this purpose, the provincial director of this agency, Virgilio Gutiérrez, estimated that teachers must be an active part in the orientation and identification of possible cases to avoid greater evils once the students are in the classrooms.

Mirna Lopez, in charge of the Public Health Directorate, understands that the collaboration of all sectors is required to continue avoiding the spread of the virus.

House to house.
Adalberto Peña, a Public Health official in this province, explained that concerning the vaccination, they are intervening in the sectors house by house with the slogan, “if you do not come to me, I go to you to vaccinate you.”

Carolina Núñez, also an official of this portfolio in Santiago, warned the population that if they do not go to the call to be vaccinated, they are putting at risk the health of other people and their families and contributing to the stagnation of the economy.

The government has promised to lift the curfew in the provinces that reach 70% of vaccinated people.

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