Local September 12, 2021 | 10:08 am

40 Dominicans try to reach Puerto Rico on illegal trip; dehydration, burns

This Saturday, the Dominican Republic Navy intercepted a boat that was adrift with 40 people who were trying to reach Puerto Rico in an illegal trip.

According to an official statement, the boat was about 27 nautical miles from San Pedro de Macorís (east) when it was intercepted by vessels of the armed institute.

The Navy is maintaining an active search and rescue operation in the area. However, it is not believed that there are any castaways since the boat did not capsize, a military spokesman told Efe.

The 40 rescued, 35 men and five women, received primary care on board the Navy vessels. Upon arrival at the port, 20 of them were immediately transferred to a hospital, suffering from dehydration and considerable sunburns.

Later, they were handed over to their families in stable condition, while the remaining 20 crew members are in the custody of the Navy and are being handed over to their families as they present themselves.

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