Local October 3, 2021 | 9:06 am

Thousands of fish appear dead on the south coast of Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo (EFE) .- Thousands of dead fish appeared this Saturday in the waters of the port of El Cayo, in Barahona, south coast of the Dominican Republic, where a group of experts from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is investigating the causes of this event.

Four biologists, an expert in marine biodiversity, and two water quality technicians are taking samples to determine the reason for the death of the thousands of specimens, the head of communication, Estarlin Taveras, told Efe.

One of the circumstances that most attracts the technicians’ attention of the Vice Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources is that they are mainly sardines. These species live in deeper waters, far from the coast, Taveras said.

Experts conduct inspections of both the fish and the water and a vessel anchored near the site where the event has been reported.

Dominican Navy personnel will be supporting the commission of technicians in the investigation, which could lead to the application of the corresponding sanctions if it is determined that the death of the fish is the result of a toxic spill in the area.

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