Health October 5, 2021 | 1:31 pm

Pediatricians: No consensus to vaccinate children five years and older against Covid-19

The group reiterates that without scientific evidence, it is not possible to proceed with vaccination of Dominican child population


Santo Domingo, DR

The Dominican Society of Pediatrics assured that in the meeting held Monday afternoon between the Ministry of Public Health authorities and specialized medical societies, no consensus was reached to vaccinate children from five years of age against Covid-19.

In charge of the vaccines area of the Dominican Society of Pediatrics, Dr. Soraya Castro said that the society maintains its position of not accepting the vaccination of children with any of the existing vaccines against the virus until there is scientific evidence of their safety and efficacy in these populations.

He said that up to now, what they have is information published through press reports of what is happening in other countries, but there is no scientific research that indicates their approval and safety.

“Both the Dominican Society of Pediatrics and the Dominican Society of Pediatric Pneumology and others agreed that available evidence must be presented, because the child population cannot be told that they are going to be vaccinated without any scientific evidence,” said the vaccine expert, founding member of the Dominican Society of Vaccinology.

Upon leaving the meeting held yesterday at the Ministry of Public Health headquarters, the president of the Dominican Medical Association, Waldo Ariel Suero, informed the press that a consensus had been reached regarding the vaccination of children.

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