Local October 14, 2021 | 2:20 pm

If you have a dose of vaccine with less than a month of validity you can enter public spaces

Santo Domingo, DR.

In the Dominican Republic, 61,965 vaccines against COVID-19 were administered on Wednesday. This reactivation occurred after Public Health’s regulation requiring a double vaccination card to attend public places.

The information was offered by the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, who urged the population to continue at that rate to reach 70% vaccination as soon as possible.

He explained that from the first dose yesterday, 24,862 doses were placed; the second was 20,784, and the third was 16,319.

Nationwide, 70.3% of the population has the first dose.

He said that as of Monday, those administered a dose with less than a month of validity could enter public or closed places without problems.

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