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With 800 thousand vaccinated, goal of 70% is completed

El Pais/ Tour on vaccine card. Today/Jose Napoleon Marte. 19-10-21

This weekend could be a valuable opportunity for those who have not received the first dose and those who have not completed the second dose to go to the vaccination centers.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, strongly urged people to go to the vaccination centers to complete the goal of getting 70% of the population vaccinated, which is the country’s goal.

We are moving towards the goal.
That percentage is achieved with 800,000 people applying the second dose, said the official, who assured that reaching that goal goes hand in hand with masks and hand washing.

These measures are non-negotiable, he insisted. “In these 25 days left in November, month of the family, we are going to get vaccinated and offer a health guarantee to our families and to the great family that is the country,” he said, pointing out that the only way to achieve this is by getting vaccinated responsibly.

The province of Santiago must vaccinate 120,000 more people to complete the goal and help the cause, said Rivera. Greater Santo Domingo, for its part, must vaccinate 270,000 people with the second dose.

The Espaillat province would reach the goal with its contribution of vaccinating 1,500 people with the second dose, said the minister.

The country should celebrate its Christmas holidays with peace of mind, achieved with vaccination, said Rivera.
The Dominican Republic has 6,769,430 million with the first dose and 5,371,508 with the second dose. This second number is the actual number of people with their full vaccination schedule.

A third group of vaccinated is the one with the third dose or booster, 1,248,116.

Almost 90% of the people admitted to clinics and hospitals with Covid have not been vaccinated or have only been inoculated with one dose, insisted the Minister of Health. He considered it inconceivable that, since the country has several vaccines, an important part of the population does not take them into account for the benefit of their health and that of their own family and environment.

In this sense, the minister asked the population to take advantage of the present weekend and go to the vaccination centers distributed throughout the country.

Vaccination certificate.
Through the Vacúnate RD platform, the Health Cabinet presented the Vaccination Certificate, a new tool through which the vaccination status of each citizen can be demonstrated immediately and securely.

The document has a QR code, which, when scanned, allows the registered data on the vaccination schedule to be displayed.

The certificate can be obtained by completing a form on the website vacunate.gob.do. The authorities clarified that the new document does not replace the vaccination card, and in the first stage, it will only be available for those over 18 years of age.

After completing the form, citizens will receive by e-mail a unique number to validate personal data.

The national goal is to vaccinate 70% of citizens with two doses.

Vaccination of minors will be discussed on Monday 8th.

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November 8, 2021 12:15 pm

Does anyone actually believe the Experimentsl Genetic Therapy mandates will end with the 70% goal?

The next mandate will be booster or no groceries for you.

This gubmint control is just beginning.

There will come a time when you cannot access your bank account unless you show behavioral proof of gubmint compliable.

The “liberty” should be removed from the country’s tag line.