Local December 13, 2021 | 2:45 pm

The National Police lacks people, vehicles and computer equipment, says group for police reform

Santo Domingo, DR

Lack of human resources, transportation, and computer equipment are the main findings of the working group for the transformation and professionalization of the National Police, created by President Luis Abinader in April of this year.

Eight months after the group’s formation, this Monday, through decree 211-21, they presented a report indicating that the lack of budget has kept the police air unit (helicopter) completely inoperative for seven years.

Likewise, they state that the available vehicles, including motorcycles and patrol cars, are not sufficient for operations throughout the country and the processes for acquiring goods and services are slow, “which makes operation difficult.”

“There is no stock of automotive parts to keep the operation constant,” they add.

In the Directorate of Internal Affairs, in charge of investigating violations of the ethical regime and faults committed by its members, the lack of technological equipment to carry out surveillance work (cameras, video recorders, drones, cell phones) stands out.

“The units use their personal telephones to carry out investigations,” says the working group, adding that they also suffer from the lack of vehicles to carry out daily work, with only three new vehicles to cover the entire country.

Despite the conditions found in this area, in which they found duplication of functions with the Institution’s General Inspectorate, the working group pointed out that the department has a motivated staff open to change.

While the Central Prevention Directorate presents the need for trained and qualified personnel, police weapons, computer equipment, the essential equipment for the operation of the police officer, and portable radio equipment.

They also lack surveillance cameras and a police command and control center.

The Police Institute of Education considered it necessary to strengthen the operating budget and improve the infrastructure, described as precarious.

“The situation is so precarious that most of the time the staff pay their salary for repairs and purchase of supplies,” they point out in the report.

About human resources

In addition to the fact that human resources are insufficient in most areas, including the Directorate of Support and Control of the law enforcement body, there is a poor distribution of the same, “due to the interference of external factors (authorized and unauthorized political interference).”

The work team considers that the Police have motivated human resources, but that same staff is skeptical and resentful due to the absence or poor application of institutional regulations.

Likewise, there is a severe disorder due to the delay in applying the promotion regulations, with people over 12 years of age with the same rank.

The Legal Area does not have personnel with knowledge and experience in vital areas such as public procurement and contracting, constitutional law, administrative law, and civil law.

In the police force, there is also no permanent and continuous training of its units.

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December 13, 2021 5:46 pm

what happened to all the brand new equipment that you see every year at the military parade? loads and loads of new pickups etc. And it covers the uniformed groups PN, Cester, Army, Navy, Air, Metro police, Amet, etc etc etc. Short on computers training, surveillance cameras ok. Also get their fingers out of other peoples pockets,