Local December 19, 2021 | 10:16 am

Helidosa defends the rigorous maintenance of its aircraft after fatal accident

The Dominican company Helidosa Aviation Group regretted the tragic incident that occurred last Wednesday at the AILA with one of its aircraft, at the same time, it guaranteed that its operations are safe and faithfully complies with the operational safety laws and regulations and the air regulations that govern Dominican civil aviation and internationally, as evidenced by its 29 years of foundation that exceed 55,000 flight hours in airplanes.

Alex Castillo, CEO of the company, stated that “for the Helidosa family, this fact represents a tragedy that greatly saddens us. That is why we have expressed solidarity with the victims’ families who died in this aerial incident. We ask the whole of society to accompany and support them with prudence and solidarity in these difficult times for everyone.”

He reported that since he learned of the incident, he immediately contacted the families of the passengers and the crew onboard to inform them directly of the tragic event.

“And it was determined to make company aircraft available to them so that those who reside abroad can arrive in the country and be with their loved ones in this unfortunate moment that hurts us all, also to provide them with all the facilities that they deserve,” he said.

He specified that each aircraft is subjected to rigorous and meticulous maintenance following international protocols, which may be verified as the investigation by the competent authorities progresses.

In the same way, he pointed out that the company has more than 60 expert professional pilots, with thousands of flight hours, who receive recurrent training in the United States, respecting and prioritizing their rest, as well as the operational safety of the company and of course, having as pillars the quality of service and the well-being of its customers and crew.

“Our priority in these almost 30 years of operations has always been and will be to be worthy of the trust of the passengers who use our services, and of course, that of our extraordinary work team, complying with industry standards and offering a highigh-qualityrvice. However, we are clear that there are always risks and such unfortunate situations could and do happen. We share our deep pain with all those affected,” he said.

The manager emphasized that “we ask the Almighty God to provide the necessary strength to the families of the passengers and crew who were on board the affected aircraft and to welcome the deceased into his Holy Kingdom. Peace to their souls.”

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