Local February 7, 2022 | 4:31 pm

US passports can be renewed via email with validity of 10 years

Santo Domingo, DR

US citizens now have the opportunity to renew their passports valid for ten years by email, the embassy said Monday.

The title: New Year, New Passport!, reported the requirements established to be eligible to renew the passport, including that the document is intact and that it was issued when the bearer was 16 years of age or older.

It is contained in the column “Ask the Consul” reproduced below:

“The US Embassy’s American Citizen Services unit now accepts 10-year passport renewal applications by mail, through DOMEX for eligible adults. You can renew your passport by mail if your ten-year passport is intact, was issued when you were 16 or older, was issued within the last 15 years, and was issued in your current name. If you meet all the necessary conditions, you may be eligible to renew by mail. The details and specifications of each requirement can be found at: do.usembassy.gov/renewal-passport-mail. Visit our website, do.usembassy.gov/passports, for any questions about renewing your passport, replacing a lost or stolen passport, or needing to make an emergency passport appointment.

For more consular advice and updated information, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @EmbajadaUSAenRD.”

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February 7, 2022 8:10 pm

Like everything else price has gone up…

Alaskan Whiskey
February 8, 2022 9:28 pm
Reply to  alfredo

Exactly why I got my passport two years ago. Living out of country now since December 2020.

Vyanka Pruitt
February 8, 2022 4:23 pm

What do you have to do to get a passport

William McAuliff
February 8, 2022 5:40 pm

Hi. The title is incorrect. There is no renewal by email. Please check the original blog post on the official website.

Cesar M. Garcia
February 10, 2022 1:04 pm