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Electronic bracelet helped bust a major Dominican money laundering ring

M. Lopez

Santo Domingo.- The electronic bracelet placed on the defendant Miguel Arturo López Florencio (Micky López), husband of the deputy of La Vega, Rosa Pilarte, Rosa Amalia Pilarte, allowed the authorities to track the times he went to the business of the main person involved in the FM case, and even at irregular hours .

The Special Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Ramona Nova, says the accused Juan Gabriel Pérez Tejada (El Gordo or Único), is linked to Miguel Arturo López Florencio, of the López Pilarte Clan (Case Micky López) and that he and his brother constantly visited his business establishment Único Autodetailing, in the city of Santiago.

Miguel and his brother José López Pilarte wear an electronic bracelet, ordered by a La Vega court, who are accused of money laundering as a result of drug trafficking.

It indicates that through the investigation it was possible to determine that Pérez Tejada has an evident link with the defendants Manuel Fermín Fermín and Bernialisis Bobadilla Núñez, and the fugitive Santiago Núñez Gil (a) El Muerto and/or El Primo, who face a legal proceeding for transfer and smuggling of illicit money.

In addition the filing says there’s a commercial link with elements that have been linked to money laundering and drug trafficking in the country, as is the case of the López Pilarte brothers, who on several occasions visited the entity’s facilities. Autodetailing Unico Cmercial, in the city of Santiago.

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Felix Arroyo
March 14, 2022 10:27 pm

Democracy is lovely! Enjoy your treatment in this democracy!