Local March 28, 2022 | 2:06 pm

After a week here, the case of the Flying Fox yacht is still not clear

Flying Fox in the Don Diego port, Sans Soucí. Photo: Raúl Asencio| Daily Listin

Santo Domingo, DR

Today marks seven days since the luxurious yacht Flying Fox, linked to the Russian billionaire Dmitry Kamenshchik, is anchored in the Don Diego port in Sans Soucí; the actual status of its controversial presence here and that moves around it is unknown.

Last Friday, the 25th, the day his departure was scheduled, authorities from several Dominican agencies visited the luxurious vessel. According to sources from LISTÍN DIARIO, it was inspected, considering it a “retention” amid tensions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Dominican Navy has said that the ship meets navigation specifications.

Yesterday a boat from the institution, with two crew members on board, guarded the surroundings of the expensive and luxurious vessel.

Throughout the week, the authorities handled the information about why the Flying Fox continues in the Dominican port with great secrecy.

With his visit to the ship last Friday, the 25th, the rumor arose that agents from the United States Embassy in the country were present.

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