Health May 17, 2022 | 2:18 pm

Minister of Health assures they are prepared for possible Covid wave

Given the slight increase in Covid-19 cases in recent days, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, called for probation to complete the vaccination scheme, maintain distance and continue wearing masks in public places.

“Make the effort to take your time and get vaccinated, likewise the children who remain to be vaccinated, so continue to be vaccinated,” he said.

Daniel Rivera assured that they have sufficient personnel and supplies to combat a possible wave of the disease that began in March 2020.

“All the Covid personnel are hired, all the vaccines are present, we have all the antigen tests and sufficient PCR. Likewise, all the medicines bought until next year, the most important thing is that we have enough vaccines », he said.

The doctor indicated that “at no time have we lifted the resolution, and the resolution says very clearly: that in public and private health centers, they must always maintain prevention measures and distance.”

He added that the Ministry of Health is under permanent surveillance and recalled that Covid-19 is a disease that has not been lifted, so they will continue to take the necessary measures.

covid cases

Today, 130 Covid-19 infections and 545 people with the active respiratory viral disease were notified.

Likewise, the daily positivity is at 5.52%, and at .52% that of the last four weeks.

Similarly, through epidemiological bulletin 789, the Ministry of Public Health indicates that 18 patients are admitted to a covid bed, one in intensive care and another connected to a ventilator.

It points out that of the 580,791 registered cases, 575,869 have been recovered, and 2,731,936 have been discarded.

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