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Preliminary Inacif report says man found in cistern was beaten

José Rivera was a man loved by his entire family (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The man found in a cistern located in front of the San Vicente de Paul cemetery was allegedly beaten. When he fell, he was unconscious, according to the preliminary report of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) delivered to the family members. The official report on the autopsy performed will be delivered in 45 days.

The relatives of Jose Rivera Tejada, 63, went this Saturday morning to the Inspectorate of the National Police Captain Gregorio Segura, better known as the Felicidad detachment, where they initiated the investigation process in the homicide department.

Near the cistern where the body was found, there is a gas station where the security camera only records the recordings for seven days, so when the relatives searched for evidence, they could not help them.

The business owner regretted that he was of no help in clarifying the situation. As the supplier, a pharmacy has two cameras overlooking the place, but it only captures video in real-time, so it was not possible to get anything either.

Jose Rivera’s relatives expressed that they will not rest until they find answers about the death of their relative.

“We will bring justice to my brother, and we will investigate what happened to him because he did not fall into that cistern alone; it was a cistern that could hardly be seen,” commented one of the deceased’s brothers.

Four days after José’s body was found, its owners closed the cistern with a block.

The decomposed body of José Rivera was found only a few blocks from where he lived. But, according to his relatives, despite being so close, “nobody saw anything, nobody knew anything, and nobody heard anything,” according to his relatives.

A worker who was doing maintenance on the cistern realized that something was wrong because of the foul smell emanating from the place, so they proceeded to call nearby neighbors.

Although they did not find his wallet, by the body build, clothes, and shoes he was wearing on the day of his disappearance, family members were able to verify that he was José Rivera.

His relatives described Jose Rivera as a quiet, kind-hearted man who was incapable of hurting anyone.

He was a twin, and his sister wept inconsolably at the irreparable loss of her “half-half, my life, my Jose.”

Although the family recognizes that the victim liked to drink alcoholic beverages, they indicated that he always maintained his tranquility and that he was never an aggressive man.

The same was indicated by a neighbor of José Rivera, who commented that the deceased was a person “who did not mess with anyone, and had a noble heart.”

He was currently in a relationship and had only one daughter who lives outside the country and three grandchildren.

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