Local June 5, 2022 | 7:19 am

Family members give version of what Victor Brahiar, killed in shooting in San Isidro, was doing

Santo Domingo, DR
The relatives of Victor Brahiar Sanchez, the young man who was shot several times by unknown persons in the sector of El Bonito, San Isidro, in Santo Domingo East, gathered in a green room.

Brahiar’s uncles, aunts, uncles, and other relatives gathered in the living room of what was once his house, in the sector of Los Farallones, Isabelita, to accompany each other in the sadness of having lost a loved one.

Sanchez was shot in front of a hardware store in a black CRV in 2020 with a license plate. He was accompanied by two other men, one of whom had died, and the other was in a health center.

“We are devastated right now because we lost our beloved Brahian,” said one of the deceased’s aunts to journalists of this newspaper.

According to his relatives, the young man had recently returned from the United States, where he lived, and added that the deceased had returned to his country to start a car sales business.

Those close to the deceased said they did not know where the car dealership he had supposedly opened a few months ago in the country was located.

“Brahiar was always a hard-working boy who since he was a child sold lemons in the street to make ends meet, later his parents took him to the United States to grow more,” said another of his aunts who did not give her name.

The atmosphere in the La Isabelita sector was indifferent to the death of a man who once belonged to their neighborhood.

During the time that reporters of this newspaper traveled the streets of the sector, it could be observed that none of the residents of Los Farallones came to pay their condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

Similarly, the residents and members of the police station said they did not know Brahiar, although he had lived in the area for several years.

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