Local August 11, 2022 | 3:16 pm

Dust from the Sahara triggers a spike in the number of asthma sufferers

Saharan dust causes respiratory illnesses in humans.

Santo Domingo, DR.
In addition to the incidence of Covid-19, respiratory viruses are circulating in the country, affecting the most vulnerable populations, especially preschool children.

Meanwhile, the country is registering an increase in complications in patients with asthma and other respiratory diseases due to pollution and air density generated by the presence of Sahara dust.

This was explained yesterday by pneumologist Natalia Garcia, advisor to the Ministry of Public Health, who recommended a lot of hygiene with children, especially preschool children, who are the most vulnerable to circulating respiratory viruses, and to vaccinate them against influenza.

She said that it is also important to have a good diet and that schools maintain good hand hygiene, with the availability of alcohol and that when there are specific outbreaks, masks should be used as an option.

The specialist recalled that the viruses have the same behavior but that in the case of Covid-19, it is always a risk for vulnerable patients and that specific tests are carried out to detect it.

Garcia said that Sahara dust particles could generate cardiovascular events at this time of the year.

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