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Vaccination posts drop from 700 to only 187 in the country

The third dose of the Covid vaccine is the most demanded. file/ld

Santo Domingo, DR
Although the population’s interest in being immunized against Covid-19 has been decreasing with the passing of the days, the health authorities maintain open 187 fixed vaccination posts at the national level, where in the last month, some 100 thousand doses have been administered.

This is amid the active circulation of the Covid-19 virus in the country, which according to the daily positivity indicator, remains above 20% of the samples that are processed each day, with 266 new positive cases registered yesterday, captured in 2,106 samples analyzed.

Initially, there were more than 700 fixed vaccination posts against the virus at the national level, and 187 are currently open in different parts of the country, including some shopping malls and health centers.

Until yesterday, the country registered a total of 15 million 974 thousand 987 doses of vaccines applied against Covid-19, some 109,462 more than those registered in the system on July 27 and four million 200 thousand 924 doses more than a year ago.

The most in-demand

The VacunateRD portal reports that the third dose continues to be the most demanded by the population, with the application in the last 38 days of 36,109 doses. As of yesterday, the country reported 2,445,987 doses of vaccines applied for the third dose.

In the first dose, the country reports 7,271,996 doses applied, some 19,956 more than a month ago; in the second dose, 6,034,872 had been applied up to yesterday for some 20,726 new doses applied in the last 38 days, when the system registered 6,014,146 doses applied.

For the fourth dose, there are no updated records in this portal. Last July 27, the health authorities reported the application of some 189,858 doses.

The national vaccination program against Covid-19 started to be applied in the country on February 16 last year, being the Francisco Moscoso Puello, Marcelino Velez Santana, and Ramon de Lara Military hospitals, the first ones where vaccination posts were installed.

One year ago

Reports from September 24 last year indicate that up to that date; the country had an accumulated 11,774,063 doses of Covid-19 vaccines applied, of which 6,024,702 correspond to the first dose; 4,860,422 to the second dose or complete scheme, and 888,939 to third dose or booster dose.

The Dominican Republic has informed that it has guaranteed the availability of vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Sinovac to immunize the entire population that requires it until 2023.


The Ministry of Public Health reported 266 new Covid infections yesterday in the last 24 hours and a daily positivity of 21.43%. Positivity for the last four weeks stood at 7.24%.

Active cases total 1,116, and no deaths were reported during this period, according to epidemiological bulletin 900 issued yesterday. Accumulated deaths due to the virus remain at 4,384, mortality per million inhabitants stands at 419.58, and lethality at 0.68%.

In the last 24 hours, 2,106 samples were processed to detect the disease, 1,827 PCR, and 279 antigenic samples.

The bulletin registers 41 regular beds occupied out of 2,373 available, equivalent to 1.7%, while 14 people are in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, out of 585 in the health system, for 2.4% occupancy.

Two ventilators out of 469 available are in use, equivalent to 0.4%.


81,058 A total of 4,088 healthcare workers have been infected with the SARS VOC 2 virus, 3,698 pregnant women, and 81,058 children under 20 years of age.

24.61% 24.61% of those who died from Covid had hypertension as comorbidity, and 15.90% had diabetes.

3,641,326 Since the pandemic broke out in the country in March 2020, 3,641,326 cases have been tested for Covid, and specimens have ruled out 3,000,759 cases. 635,067 have recovered from the disease.

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