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Miguel Vargas affirms in NY Abinader’s government continues to improvise without a clear vision

Photo Source: Gobierno Danilo Medina

The national president of the PRD and world vice president of the Socialist International (IS) and former chancellor engineer Miguel Vargas Maldonado, affirmed last night upon his arrival from the Dominican Republic that the PRM government and President Luis Abinader continue to improvise in the face of the country’s crisis without a clear vision of what needs to be done.

He said that the government’s improvisation and lack of planning is the product of the lack of a clear vision that it does not have. “That precisely affects the country’s development in all sectors,” he added. “The Government, unfortunately, has become a Government of promises and not in the fulfillment of them,” said Vargas Maldonado. “Governing is doing, not promising, and in that sense we have drawn attention as the PRD to the need for the government to assume a clear course in terms of leading the country,” he specified.

He pointed out that in the face of the combination of the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Iraq, inflation and now, the ravages of Hurricane Fiona, the PRD asks President Abinader and the Government to assume a clear position as to what their responsibilities are.

He maintained that he has always shown his concern about the deteriorating scenario that the country is registering in all its sectors. “And that is obviously worrying and motivates us even more to work with intensity, with perseverance to turn the party into a power option for 2024,” he said.

Referring to the crisis in Haiti, he stated that the government is not handling it properly. “We have put forward very clear positions in this regard, the first thing we have said is that the government must make an effort to maintain dialogue with the neighboring country of Haiti because the reality is that it is next to us as a neighbor.”

He indicated that the Government must remove all kinds of confrontations from its agenda and follow the call to the international community, “and above all, that there be a scenario of peaceful coexistence.”

He said that it should be taken into account and made it very clear that no solution is going to be through the Dominican way.


Source: El Nuevo Diario

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