Local October 10, 2022 | 8:05 am

In Nisibón, two brothers drown, one while attempting to save the other

Two young individuals lost their lives on Sunday afternoon while one attempted to save the other. The accident happened in the Maimón River, in Charco La Bomba, in the Las Lagunas de Nisibón community, Higüey, La Altagracia province. Jonathan and Johan Valenzuela Ramirez, brothers who were 17 and 13 years old, respectively, were the victims.

The minors were there for a picnic with family members and neighbors. A family member claimed that the youngsters were unwinding while debating who would leap into the river first. The younger child dove in first, later the older child dove in when he saw that the younger child needed assistance, but was also unable to escape.

The oldest of the brothers’ bodies, Jonathan Valenzuela Ramirez, was found, according to Fernando Castillo, head of civil defense. The officials halted the search for the other minor’s body, but it will resume today.

Along with the Civil Defense, the National Police, and the neighborhood firefighters were also present.

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