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Residents in Villa Mella for and against the reduction of hours in sales of alcoholic beverages

In charge of the grocery store "Punta, Punta" in Villa Mella, talks with Listín Diario about the measure to reduce hours for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Photo: Raúl Asencio.

Santo Domingo, DR
Given the wave of criminal acts in the country, specifically in the populated Villa Mella sector in Santo Domingo North (SDN), the Ministry of Interior and Police temporarily reduced the sale of alcoholic beverages until midnight.

However, in a tour of Listín Diario through some of the stores and establishments of alcoholic beverages, the owners, managers, and residents of the zone were in favor and against the measure ordered by the Government.

“I consider it good. Actually, it does not suit me because I have a drinking business, but we do not close late, the latest is at 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. and there will be more tranquility in the area, although it is quiet around here,” said the owner’s wife, Irma Moreta.

Another who was in favor is hairdresser Aníbal Feliz, who, when trimming a client from early hours, would drink with a glass of beer and hang it on the shelf with the products.

“Well, it is favorable because crime will be reduced somewhat, but not completely. The patrolling should be constant, they come, and the lions come back out,” she said.

Also, in another of the barbershops in the area, some of those waiting to be trimmed favored the measure because, according to those consulted, it will reduce crime.

Villa Mella has become a challenging sector for the police authorities since the constant robberies in the area do not allow the citizens to walk in the streets without fear that the delinquents will take away their belongings.

“That is a lousy idea because one should not have to pay for what criminals do. If you were rushed to go because the hours were until 2:00 a.m., imagine now,” emphasized the manager of the Punta, Punta grocery store, Wilmerd René.

In the same environment, he said that police patrolling should be constant.

“They have to keep a firm hand with the delinquents and let you work,” René said while holding a cue (billiard stick).

When Listin Diario was at the place, a relaxed atmosphere was visualized, and citizens sat around listening to bachata at full volume.

“We have to abide by the measure, since last night they were watching to see if we were going to comply with the schedule,” commented René.

It’s easy to understand how it seems as if business owners are being penalized for the actions of criminals.

On his side, the manager of the colmado “El Fuerte” also described the measures as unfavorable because they would cause economic losses for him and other vendors.

“It is not favorable that they reduce the hours, because we stop selling, and if we do not sell, we do not earn. What they have to do is to provide police security,” the manager said.

Another who adds to the list is citizen Eri B, who is having a beer at the Stop 27 grocery store and considers that those who buy from the night businesses will see a reduction in their sales.

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