Local October 24, 2022 | 1:34 pm

A car accident in El Seibo claims the lives of a couple and their infant

Source: Diario Libre

This Sunday afternoon, a married couple and their infant perished in a car crash that happened on the Seibo-Hato Mayor highway. Delice Osnac, the car’s driver, and Mrs. Widline Dieu are the victims. Unknown is the mother of the infant, who was reportedly a few months old. A red Chevrolet Spark and a white Mitsubishi van were in a head-on collision at kilometer 7, in the direction of Seibo Hato Mayor. 

The white truck was being driven by Feliciano Mejia, who was accompanied by Nicolás Jiménez, the police report states. The two, whose health is precarious, were taken to the Teófilo Hernández Hospital in El Seibo, one of the 911 National Health System’s facilities. Victor Ortiz, a forensic physician, and Aracelis Demorisi, a magistrate, raised the bodies.

A Civil Defense unit removed the bodies and then transported them to the El Seibo hospital morgue.

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Paul Tierney
October 25, 2022 10:25 am

Another tragedy for many to suffer. The stretch of two lane of road between the two communities is quite straight with rolling hills. The head on collision may be the result of one of the vehicles in the opposing lane passing another on the upgrade of a hill. Oncoming traffic could not be seen. A vehicle traveling in the opposite direction in his proper lane collided with the passing vehicle that was in his lane.

Imprudence and speed are most likely additional factors to this tragedy.

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