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Jean Suriel: Total lunar eclipse will be visible from Dominican Republic on Tuesday, November 8

Total lunar eclipse.

Meteorological analyst Jean Suriel pointed out that the total lunar eclipse scheduled for next Tuesday, November 8, will be visible from the Dominican Republic.

“There are 12 days to go before a total lunar eclipse that will be visible from the Dominican Republic: it will be the last eclipse of 2022. The full Moon will coincide on Tuesday, November 8 with the occultation of our natural satellite at the end of the early morning,” Suriel indicated through his social networks.

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He also pointed out the times this phenomenon will occur, and the reddish color will take over the Moon.

“The eclipse will begin at 4:02 AM, time when the Moon will enter the terrestrial penumbra. The partial eclipse will begin at 05:09 AM, at which time the Moon will make contact with the umbra. The total eclipse will begin at 06:17 AM,” he said.

“Because the Moon will be located in the western part of the firmament, the total phase may only be visible until 6:41 AM when it will be hidden over the horizon. Set your alarm now to witness this astronomical spectacle,” tweeted Jean Suriel.

What is it?
A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon by which the Earth prevents the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon, generating a shadow cone that obscures the Moon.

The eclipsed Moon acquires a characteristic reddish color due to the dispersion of the light refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Unlike solar eclipses, which can be seen only from a relatively small part of the Earth and last for a few minutes, a lunar eclipse can be seen from any part of the Earth where it is nighttime and last for several hours.

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