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They ask CMD to stop protests due to an increase in covid cases

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Doctors and specialized societies have planned a national strike on November 30. A march will be held. Due to the rebound in covid-19 and the threat of cholera, the president of the Social Security Foundation for All has asked the Dominican Medical Association to cancel the ongoing protests. Dr. Arismendi Diaz Santana, president of the Foundation, requested the Medical College. The country is dealing with a resurgence of covid-19 and a cholera outbreak, both of which can affect tens of thousands of Dominican families, including the poorest and most vulnerable. “We are facing a new national emergency that, like two years ago, necessitates the capacity and dedication of all health professionals to avoid a chain reaction of unnecessary infections, hospitalizations, and deaths,” Diaz said.

“Given this national situation, we appeal to your vocation and social responsibility, as well as that of the other directors of that centennial institution, to suspend any activity of the CMD and medical societies that could contribute to increasing the risk of contagion and distract valuable and necessary human resources from facing this new challenge of national survival,” the professional said. Dr. Rufino Senén Caba, president of the CMD, accused the government of lifting all restrictions and encouraging the staging of massive shows.

Dominicans move without any restrictions, according to Caba, which is why he does not see the national threat that Diaz Santana sees. The fact that only 17 people were admitted for covid-19 in the system’s beds speaks volumes about the country’s pandemic situation. The health authorities have not taken any additional precautions in this regard. For months, the Medical College and 56 specialized societies have held large-scale protests demanding compensation.

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