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DR has received more than 1,000 Japanese volunteers through JICA

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More than 1,000 Japanese volunteers have worked in the Dominican Republic as part of the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) technical cooperation program. JICA highlighted the selfless work of these enthusiastic Japanese citizens who voluntarily wished to participate in cooperation initiatives in developing countries as International Volunteer Day was observed on December 5. They have contributed to the country’s socioeconomic development through their experience, skills, and adequate knowledge in areas such as improving competitiveness, social and territorial development, environmental protection and climate change mitigation, sports, culture, and art, among others.

The delivery of two new volunteers last week who will collaborate in the areas of statistics and occupational therapy at the National Institute for Comprehensive Early Childhood Care (INAIPI) and the Dominican Rehabilitation Association (ADR) brings the total number of volunteers serving in the Dominican Republic to 22. Volunteers help to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by assisting local governments and other organizations; they also promote Dominican culture in Japan when they return to their home country. There is a group of young people among the volunteers assigned to the Dominican Republic who promote the added value of agricultural products to establish a sustainable economic cycle based on natural resources. Together with institutions, NGOs, associations, foundations, producers, and women’s groups at the local level, this is how they activate the community and improve their living conditions.

Volunteers have contributed their expertise in marketing, administration, business, tourism, manufacturing, public administration, information technology, vegetable growing, forestry and forestry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, care for the elderly, care for people with disabilities, nutrition, elementary school education, special education, youth activities, and urban planning, among other fields, since 1985.

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