Local December 12, 2022 | 10:01 am

Authorities will charge two people who tried to break prison bars to help inmates escape in Santiago

The National Police will charge two young men who were apprehended over the weekend while attempting to break the rear bars of the preventive prison of the Department of Santiago Rodriguez to assist two people who are in prison for drugs and illegal possession of firearms.

They are Julio Antonio Nez Arias and Elian Mariel Valerio, both 18 years old and residents of Santo Domingo’s Los Alcarrizos sector and the Social Improvement neighborhood of San Ignacio de Sabaneta municipality, Santiago Rodriguez province, respectively.

During their arrest, preventive and criminal investigation members seized two shears, an awl-type knife about 30 inches long, and an iPhone cell phone, and when interrogated, they stated that they were going to take the prisoner out of jail. 

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