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IMG Hospital, is the first third-level center in the Dominican Republic certified by a North American accreditation

Punta Cana, December 12, 2022.- Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), one of the top accreditation organizations in the United States, gave the first international certification to a third-level health center in the Dominican Republic.

This important milestone reached by the IMG Hospital, located in Bávaro – Punta Cana, D.R., makes the medical center a pioneer and a model of quality, which strengthens Dominican medicine and accounts for an important step to promote medical tourism.

By granting the accreditation, ACHC certifies that Hospital IMG complies with the demanding North American standards of quality and medical safety in regulatory and operational characteristics. These standards range from clinical protocols with scientific evidence, maintenance processes, updating of medical equipment, clinical history, infrastructure, excellence in operating rooms and procedures to the confidentiality of personal data and information.

“Obtaining this North American recognition for the first time in our country demonstrates the quality of our standards, and the efficiency in the medical care that we have offered during our first five years. With this accreditation, we reaffirm our commitment to the search for excellence and care focused on service and patient safety,” said Mr. Carlos Prato, president and founder of IMG Hospital.

The American ACHC Committee conducted a rigorous review of the operations and quality standards of the health center and will conduct a follow-up to ensure the maintenance of operational excellence and continuous improvement. “By complying with the ACHC Accreditation Standards, IMG Hospital uses the best North American practices in all areas including administrative, medical, and nursing, focused on creating a culture of quality and innovation,” said the General Director of IMG Hospital, Dr. Miguel Russo.

To contribute to the positioning of the country as a safe and competitive health destination, Mr. José González, IMG Hospital Quality Committee Coordinator, said that they are committed to complying with local regulations and international standards. To achieve this, they have become a benchmark in health and medical tourism throughout the eastern part of the country, supported by a multidisciplinary Committee that ensures optimal, efficient and timely medical care.

He also highlighted the achievements of IMG Hospital: the first Dominican hospital enables for Telemedicine, the first to offer magnetic resonance imaging and laparoscopic surgery in Bávaro. In addition, they performed the first interventional cardiovascular surgery, placed the first pacemaker in the East of the country, have an international bilingual department, have agreements with more than eighty international health insurers, and have received patients from more than forty countries.

The process to obtain North American accreditation took two years of multidisciplinary effort from all the departments of the health center.

About IMG Hospital
The IMG Hospital is a tertiary health center in the Bávaro area, Punta Cana; It was built and equipped with high technology, according to international standards and the current standards of the Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic. IMG’s policy is to guarantee its national and international users optimal, efficient, and timely medical care.

They offer more than 30 medical specialties and services.

About ACHC

ACHC is one of the leading accreditors of health centers in the United States. It recently merged with the American accreditation HFAP, the first existing accreditation since 1943, and was authorized to evaluate hundreds of hospitals in the United States for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid of the American Federal government.

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December 14, 2022 6:06 pm

They left my cousin to die after he suffered heart attack, “doctor” went to Santo Domingo for a week to be with his wife for anniversary …he was left in room whiteout bein monitored for 3 days , till my other cousin took him and drove him to Corazones Unidos ,where they saved his life…yep, give them more medals and recognition…Bunch of inept and no medical training personal…”doctors, nurses” , disaster …good luck going there…clowns…!!!