Local December 21, 2022 | 3:00 pm

Association of Hotels of Playa Dorada offers entertainment to children of Youth Integration

Source: El Caribe

The Playa Dorada Association of Owners of Hotels, Condominiums, and Commercial Establishments provided a Christmas treat to children who receive education through Youth Integration, an organization that serves children from various sectors of the city. Mrs. Ondina Bretón, president of the institution’s board of trustees, thanked the Association and all the people and institutions who helped make the meeting possible.

The meeting was blessed by the bishop of Puerto Plata, Monsignor Julio César Corniel Amaro, and the president of the Playa Dorada Hotel Association, César José de Los Santos, expressed his delight at being able to support this noble cause on behalf of the entity’s council. Senator Ginette Bournigal expressed her appreciation for the meeting and encouraged the children to study and prepare to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

During the meeting, a Christmas lunch was served to the children as well as the teaching and support staff of the entity that educates 155 children from various areas of Puerto Plata. As part of the day, the kids enjoyed a clown show, Disney characters, and Santa Claus.


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