Health January 17, 2023 | 8:00 am

In the face of new cases of cholera, government calls for greater prevention

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While confirmed cases of cholera, an acute diarrheal disease caused by contact with the Vibrio cholera bacterium, continue to rise in the country, citizens must follow recommendations both personally and at home to avoid becoming ill. Because the mode of transmission is fecal-oral, that is, associated with water and food contaminated with fecal matter, greater care should be directed to food handling, cleanliness and hygiene at home, and constant hand washing.

As the Dominican Society of Intectology has pointed out, state and local governments must also ensure access to safe water and tools to maintain hygiene measures.

Watery and whitish diarrhea, like rice water, vomiting, dry mouth, weakness, and drowsiness are all symptoms of cholera, which can lead to death if not treated quickly.


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