Local February 6, 2023 | 9:30 am

Window cleaner: Informal work that causes panic in drivers

The repetitive method of work that many men, young people, and even children have adopted for many years in the Dominican Republic, which appears to have been there forever, consists of waiting for city traffic lights to turn red and spraying the glass in front of vehicles without authorization to clean them with their means. “Fear, That’s what you feel after being hit by a window cleaner on the street. Those people don’t even ask, they just jump on you, and that’s it,” a driver yelled on the highway, setting up an appointment that became common among different drivers.

Panic, desperation, and anger are other emotions that corrode drivers when, regardless of whether they do it with a positive or negative attitude, a windshield wiper jumps on their car to carry out their informal work without receiving their endorsement. “You tell them no, and it’s useless, they continue as if you’re not talking to them. It’s like you have to let them clean your windshield.” someone claimed.

There is no time for them to say “no, don’t clean it” without the cleaner leaving its mark on someone else’s car, so they become recipients of boches (lectures), reluctance, and tense moments that often do not have the best outcome, as in the most recent case sighted on January 31 when one injured a passerby because she supposedly did not have money to pay him.


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