Health February 20, 2023 | 8:18 am

Daniel Rivera: more than RD$20 billion has been invested in the health sector

The Government has invested more than 20 billion pesos in the health sector in its two years in office, Health Minister Daniel Rivera said this Sunday when giving a conference in Santiago. The figure indicated by the official was distributed in expenses corresponding to the lines of infrastructure, equipment, high-cost medicines, and Promese/Cal.

Rivera indicated that only through the Directorate of Access to High-Cost Medications, some RD$9 billion have been made available annually to benefit around 15,000 patients with chronic diseases, which in two years adds up to more than 18 billion in that area. While an amount of RD $5,126,266,797 have been invested in infrastructure (construction, reconstruction, and equipment of 179 health centers).

Likewise, he highlighted the investment of more than RD$3 billion in the budget increase of the Essential Medicines and Central Logistics Support program (Promese/Cal), which went from RD$1,568 million in 2022 to RD$3 billion in 2023.

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