Local February 24, 2023 | 5:00 pm

American investor denounces millionaire scam in the Dominican Republic

A man of American nationality went to the facilities of CDN on Friday to denounce that he was the victim of a million-pesos scam, by a Dominican, resident in the city of Nagua, who would have proposed that he invest in the stock market. Winstead Barnes narrates that in August 2020 he decided to settle and invest in the Dominican Republic, without imagining that he would be the victim of a million-pesos scam and the ordeal that he would have to go through to claim justice, before the agencies that prosecute the crimes of this country. 

He recounts that the man identified as Alberto Camacho, whom the Police are looking for with arrest warrant number 0209-December-2022, approached him to establish a friendly relationship and after he gained confidence, he suggested that he invest in the stock market, through an alleged company that the fugitive supposedly knew, but it was poisoned candy. He explains that the man asked him to deposit 4 million pesos in the bank accounts of several of his alleged relatives, to start the offered business on the stock market, a request to which the victim agreed without imagining that the man to whom he placed his trust in had a con lined up for him.

Desperate for justice and hoping to get his money back, he says he went to the Nagua Attorney’s Office to report Alberto Camacho. Camacho was summoned and appeared before the prosecutor, where he agreed to pay back the money in several payments.

However, Winstead Barnes complains that the Prosecutor’s Office did not draw up the payment agreement, but would have left it for the victim’s lawyers and the perpetrator to do so later. The scammer has since disappeared.

In addition, the prosecutor handling the case decided to remove from the file the relatives of the alleged fraudster who received the money, despite the fact that not only could they help to find his whereabouts, but they could also be charged with crimes of complicity and criminal association.

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Jean de Langeron
February 25, 2023 1:48 pm

One should be completely stupid to give a private Dominican any money and expect a return or decency in managing his assets, or Dominican police or judge helping to get it back, contrary, they will take the side of the scammer! This is great stupidity.