Local March 22, 2023 | 4:41 pm

Dominican Republic and Ecuador sign agreement to guarantee pensions to workers

Today, the governments of the Dominican Republic and Ecuador signed an administrative agreement to implement the Bilateral Social Security Agreement. This agreement enables workers from both countries to request old-age, disability, and survival pensions based on their accumulated contributions during their work abroad. The Minister of Labor and President of the National Social Security Council (CNSS), Luis Miguel De Camps García, and the Ambassador of Ecuador in the Dominican Republic, Santiago Martínez Espíndola, signed the administrative agreement. The agreement aims to regulate and implement the Social Security Agreement that both countries signed in 2013, but which had not been implemented until now.

The agreement’s objective is to ensure sufficient pension coverage and improve working conditions for workers in both nations. Its implementation guarantees that workers from both countries can request a pension resulting from their contributions made during their formal jobs at the end of their working life.

The Ecuadorian ambassador, Santiago Martínez Espíndola, expressed his gratitude to the Dominican Republic government for making the political decision to implement this agreement. He also appreciated the collaborative work of the Ecuadorian embassy and the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security. He added that international law aims to benefit human beings and nations, and this agreement is a historic step towards fulfilling this goal for both populations.

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