Local March 22, 2023 | 10:51 am

Minister of the Presidency: Linking Abinader in the Squid case is “immaturity”

“From my point of view, that comment is immature,” said Joel Santos, Minister of the Presidency, referring to comments made by some political leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) regarding President Luis Abinader’s alleged involvement in the “Squid Operation”. When questioned about the corruption case, the public official maintained that “it is not a government issue… It is not an issue that concerns the government. The government must continue carrying out the functions to which it is subordinated.”

In an interview on the television program ‘Hoy Mismo’, which is broadcast by Color Visión, Santos said, “The public ministry, which is independent, is the one that has to be in charge of handling this situation.” He also expressed that ‘the government has to continue with the strategy that was drawn up from the beginning, and that is to have an independent public prosecutor.” With regard to the opposition, the Minister of the Presidency said that ‘they can follow the path they understand.”

Instead, he reiterated that “as a government, we have to be firm in what we have promised to the population. The independent public minister is an acquired right of the population, and that is what must be defended in this scenario.” The Secretary of Legal Affairs of the PLD, José Dantés Díaz, said yesterday that President Luis Abinader ‘must be imprisoned’ in the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice after Ángel Lockward, the person involved in the Calamar corruption case, told him that he had delivered RD$400,000,000 to the president.

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