Local March 30, 2023 | 3:36 pm

Greater Santo Domingo receives less water every day due to the drought

The production of drinking water in Greater Santo Domingo decreased by 4.71% this week, resulting in a production of 324.25 million gallons per day. This represents a reduction of 16.02 million gallons per day compared to last week. The decrease is due to the seasonal drought that is affecting the country, and the flows of the rivers that supply the aqueduct systems in the area have also decreased.

The Valdesia dam, responsible for 40% of the water produced by the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation, is at 140.64 meters above sea level, a drop of 0.21%. The Jigüey dam is also experiencing a deficit, falling from 519.27 to 518.25 meters above sea level.

The CAASD is supplying water in tanker trucks to the sectors facing the greatest difficulties, and they have recommended that the population make rational use of water, particularly during Holy Week.



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