Local April 6, 2023 | 11:19 am

The rains have mitigated the extreme drought; This Thursday the rainfall will be more intense

According to Gloria Ceballos, the director of the National Meteorological Office (Onamet), the recent rainfall in the Dominican Republic has somewhat alleviated the drought situation. The Windy.com map shows that there are only a few areas in the provinces of San José de Ocoa, Azua, and San Juan that are still experiencing very high drought. Previously, the map showed that the most productive agricultural regions in the country were marked in red, indicating extreme drought conditions.

However, Ceballos cautioned that it is still too early to make a definitive assessment of the situation, as the rains are expected to continue and be even more intense on Holy Thursday due to the continued impact of the trough.

The largest amount of rainfall, which was 43 millimeters, was recorded at the Central Station in Santo Domingo Este. Ceballos added that once the trough’s impact subsides, they will be able to evaluate the total accumulated rainfall and determine whether it has met or exceeded normal values.

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