Local April 6, 2023 | 8:01 am

Two judges dismissed for receiving money and absenteeism from their duties

The Council for the Judiciary has dismissed two judges accused of serious misconduct in their roles. One of the judges, Juan Francisco Rodríguez Consoró, has been accused of accepting money and gifts in exchange for favorable rulings and of taking steps to favor his brother-in-law in a case related to drug trafficking. The other judge was accused of prolonged absences and unjustified delays. The General Inspectorate of the Council for the Judiciary initiated disciplinary proceedings against both judges.

The evidence against Rodríguez Consoró includes documents related to the purchase of a vehicle by the judge and his trips to Santiago, where the money was allegedly delivered. The Inspectorate also alleges that the judge received a sum of money from the accused Sidney Rafael Matías Pérez to grant him his freedom in a request for a measure of coercion against him. The judge has been accused of ordering the defendant’s release, despite the fact that Matías Pérez was on probation for a previous sentence of eight years for drug trafficking and had been released from prison just three months prior.

The General Inspectorate has attributed disciplinary offenses to Rodríguez Consoró consisting of “accepting or receiving, directly or through other people, commissions in money or in kind, bonuses, gifts, gifts, or rewards as payment for services inherent to the position he performs.” The evidence presented by the Inspectorate also includes a call from the accused coordinating the delivery of approximately $20,000 to the “man with the hammer,” which the Inspectorate maintains is the magistrate.

The Council’s decision to dismiss the judges precedes the ongoing disciplinary proceedings initiated by the General Inspectorate.

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Paul Tierney
April 6, 2023 10:21 am

Good, getting rid of the deadwood.