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Puerto Plata, a gastronomic offer that integrates traditional and international cuisine

Puerto Plata, DR
Puerto Plata, starting point of mass tourism in the Dominican Republic, has a varied gastronomic offer rooted in its oldest traditions and with an impressive international proposal.

The most typical proposals, such as melao bonbons, a tradition of the municipality of Imbert and Luperón that people usually enjoy, accompanied by the regular leaf cheese of the region, in the numerous artisan factories in the area.

In the head municipality, the tradition is marked by symbolic products such as Galletas Julia, handmade cookies made with the same recipe of its creator in her house on Cardenal Sancha Street. Likewise, the Bojos quipes on Margarita Mears Street, the bread of Gerry Gilbert on the same street, and the sweets of Doña Agustina on José Del Carmen Ariza Street.

The municipality of Maimon is the headquarters of fish in the province, with dozens of restaurants located on the same road, where you can enjoy various options of the specialty, fried fish, but also grilled or boiled, as well as all kinds of seafood.

Fish and seafood can be enjoyed throughout the province in different restaurants, with many options from local Creole restaurants, Italian, pizzerias, fast food restaurants, and Indian food.

The Playa Dorada resort has numerous specialty restaurants that can be enjoyed by the public, even if they are not staying at their hotels.

In Sosúa and Cabarete, the options for international food are multiplied; in every corner, there are alternatives to enjoy German, Italian, Canadian, Irish, and other food.

Cabarete, with the additional attraction of its restaurants located around the beach, with tables on the sand.

But the offer is extended to all the municipalities, with exciting proposals in Imbert, Guananico, Los Hidalgos, Villa Isabela, and Luperón, as well as in the heights of Altamira, home of the best chocolate in the region or in the district of Yasica to taste the Café del Yaroa.

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